Bullies everywhere

A parent, a friend, a co-worker, it can take years to understand that someone that is supposed to be good to you actually sucks your life out and makes you feel insufficient, like a failure or not *insert something* enough. For bullies are master of manipulation, they won’t just be mean and awful, no, that would drive away even the most naïve person. They know how to balance the cruelty and harsh judgement they inflict upon you with the kind words, with their nicest behaviour. Since you don’t know why you had to suffer their wrath in the first place, or what part of you is so wrong that it warrants such violence and anger, you’re just so grateful that they seem to accept you again, to love you once more. You don’t know, then, that you are already trapped in a cycle of abuse and that it will take you an incredible amount of time and strength and help to escape it, if you’re so lucky.


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