There, this is my dream

Always try your hardest to give form, to give shape, to bring to life your dreams for there is no greater pleasure and then deeper serenity than when you finally let your inner-self speak. And unless you’re a complete narcissist, brimming with overconfidence, you’ll have to muster all the courage you possibly can as you’re going to unveil something precious to you, something fragile because intimate, something that has been growing inside your mind for the longest time, something deeply connected to your pride and – as they always go hand in hand – to your fear. Because you will be afraid of the judgement people will cast upon what you have to say, what you want to reveal and that the poor opinion they may have of what is your greatest treasure will crush you. Anyone putting his heart out in the open would be scared. No surprise there. But what are your choices, really ? Hiding what you believe in, desperately trying to turn down the volume of that inner-voice that just won’t shut up, living a life that in not completely yours so you won’t risk feeling like a failure or finding the strength (in yourself, in the faith of the people closest to you) to take a stand, to say out loud : this is my dream. This is my vision, this is what I believe in and as imperfect or absurd as it may seem to some, I am not whole if I don’t express it.


2 thoughts on “There, this is my dream

  1. I am more afraid of what I might miss if I don’t believe in myself and my dreams than about what others could and probably will find strange when reveling my true nature!
    Thanks for this post, is good to know that someone encourage us to do better than just follow what the society tells us to do

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