Dissecting my own mind

The idea was to gather my thoughts, quite literally. to collect and write down and connect and then, maybe even : pass down or just simply pass them around. Isolating every single belief, value, hope, disillusion, everything I think I understand and everything I surely know I don’t, always keeping in mind the need to be humble, to recognise one’s own and many, many limitations, biases, risks of projection, always steering clear of the lazy shortcuts for they corrupt the bigger picture by trampling over the delicate process of weaving together related thoughts. Not unlike an immense and ever changing puzzle of the mind, each thought is transcribed as well as I can into writing, becoming then a piece of a whole that I know I will never truly get to comprehend. Still, this will the best and most accurate “selfie” I can compile of myself; a cloudy window into this clumsily dissected mind of mine but also what I can hold in front of people as the most comprehensive description of my true identity.


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