Compromising within

I believe we live in a constant state of compromise with ourselves ; between an actual, living and breathing, current version and one made of a multitude of glimpses we get when we look inward, when we ask ourselves the “tough questions” (you know which ones). On one hand, we have to cling onto the positive aspects of our lives, onto what we perceive as good in our behaviour not to live in a state of despair and regret and we often choose to relegate to a distant concern – that we may or may not face later on – what we are missing on the other hand, what we are lacking, what is hollow inside, how we could do better. Can you imagine if we could just get past our limitations, our fear, our laziness, change in an instant without any struggle, just like pressing a switch and become this version we think would be happier, healthier, an improved self ? Tempting, isn’t it ? But we know all too well that this dream wouldn’t last a moment for we are so great at being imperfect.


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