Slippery you

It is impossible to know yourself just through your own peephole as your ego, whether it’s overweight or starving will always distort whatever is inside of you. Similarly, you can’t just go around and compile what everybody think of you and believe you have there an accurate portrayal of who you are. For one : they see you through their own sense of self and within their own distorted reality and, secondly : unless you’re both sharing almost everything, honestly, with the thick walls of your shame torn down, your secrets out in the open, an understanding of who you both are, how you think, how you behave… then people don’t really have an opinion of you but of a fraction of who they perceive through the fog of their own ego.
Still ! There is value in those subjective views. A lot, actually, as long you receive them with reservations and only from caring people. Mind you, a lot of them will only jump at the occasion to put you down or, more precisely, to put you lower than how they feel, but if this feedback you collect come from people you trust, you can see it as valuable data from which common keywords can emerge, similar perception, useful information to adjust how you behave or maybe just to help you shape a more precise mental image of this slippery and capital YOU.    


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