Say thank you

How hard can it be, really, to say thank you ? To show gratitude, to recognise and value what another person does for you ? Whether it’s a big favor or a seemingly small one. When someone invites you home or helps you complete a task you couldn’t on your own ? When someone simply holds a door for you so you just don’t have to, how hard is it to be polite in return ? I ask because too often I notice people (family, friends and strangers alike) failing to acknowledge the little and / or big things you do for them. Almost as if saying “thank you” would enslave them, would bind them in eternal debt until a “don’t mention it” or “you’re welcome” finally sets them free. And – let’s go worst case scenario for a moment – : Imagine those words would never be spoken ? Would the debt then never be erased ? The contract never fulfilled ? What then ? Would they owe you for the rest of their life, bound by their acknowledgement, their recognition of what you did ? It must be. 

Why else wouldn’t you say “thank you” ? I can’t help but wonder. Is it some sort of entitlement thing ? “You’re holding the door for me and you should be happy doing it, i’m practically royalty”; “Oh, you spent half a day looking after my baby so I don’t go all murderous on it but since we’re family it’s kind of your duty anyway, right ?”  Or is it that ungrateful people don’t value the time, the effort, the importance of what you did for them ? Pretending they didn’t need you that bad or could have managed without you, easy. How is it such a big deal, really ? Do they feel it would weaken their status as a strong and independent being to acknowledge they were helped or that their life was made even a little bit easier thanks to another person ? Or maybe they just didn’t notice what you did and its value, at all, what little or big cost you had to bear to help them, leaving you alone with your frustration while they’ve already moved on. I wonder which is worse, honestly. So, come on, make a little effort, say thank you when someone does something for you. 


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